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Low-income Female Entrepreneurs: Failure and empowerment

Concluding a year of research, the Failure Institute and Pro Mujer have launched  the report “Low-income Female Entrepreneurs: Failure and Empowerment” that focuses on the entrepreneurial experiences of low-income women in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico. This study examines  the experiences of more than 190 women entrepreneurs who have had at least one business that failed. 

The study analyzes the conditions and characteristics of women in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico, one of the most active economic areas in Latin America, in order to better understand the reasons for their business failures. The goal of this study is to generate evidence and data so that governments, entrepreneurs, society and academia can make informed decisions to support and promote social development and gender equity.

The research revealed four main causes of the failure experienced by these female entrepreneurs: (1) responsibilities in the home and childcare; (2), the impact of relocation on female entrepreneurs with limited networks; (3), the inability to manage the credit given to their customers and; (4) finance and strategic planning.

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