Free monthly content and experiences for life.
Free monthly content and experiences for an authentic, a resilient, a transparent, #nofilter, a real life.

Webinars & Workshops

The last week of every month we host a live experience with our community.

Reports & Research

Our original content includes in-depth reports and insightful resources.

Failure Stories

A selection of our best global failure stories from Fuckup Nights speakers.

Articles & Takeaways

Using personal stories we create insightful articles with practical take aways.

What's Included?

Reveive our Montlhy Newsletter with cool updates, a summary of what’s new and our event’s calendar.

Access our open content, including selected articles, reports and our events calendar.

We host monthly digital live experiences like webinars, online workshops, interviews with relevant professionals and meet and greets.

Access all previous researches from The Failure Institute and receive monthly in-depth reports and case studies extending what has been discussed in the experiences.

We will send you a digital copy of our Fuckup Book as soon as you subscribe 🙂


We create content, experiences, and community to live a more authentic life, both personally and professionally. We are part of Fuckup Nights®, present in more than 300 cities and 90 countries.

We  also work with corporations, NGOs and governments around the world to design experiences that change the culture of work through events, workshops, and programs.

We send monthly updates with the new content and coming experiences.

You can access all videos from our Fuckup Nights talks, join live webinars and interviews, and review all historical content including reports, articles and recordings from previous online experiences. 

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